Mixer visibility configurations: Adding new tracks

I’ve gone to some effort to set up 8 configurations that work for me. And everything’s fine until I add a new track, which then shows up in all 8 configurations. This means I’m constantly having to go to each config (typically 7 out of 8) to remove the newly added tracks. Obviously not an optimum workflow.

Is there some setting or usage I’m missing that would in effect say, “Don’t automatically add new tracks to all configurations?”

To my knowledge, you are not missing anything. This has been a long feature request, and IMO needs more votes or comments right here.

Well it certainly has my vote.

I wonder how many people are actually using visibility configurations. This takes a great feature and makes it so tedious to maintain you’d think there would be more commentary on it.

I take your point, but Plugin collections work the opposite way, and I find that to be worse. You add something new, then switch and you can’t find it.

I agree, but those are two different pieces of functionality that aren’t related. It would be nice if each was done in the optimum manner.