Mixer/Visibility/Zones - as a control in Track Settings

I have a feature request regarding ease of workflow connected to Tracks and Zone (position) management.

As I’m producing/mixing, I frequently like to place FX tracks in the left zone (Zone 1) of the mixer. This makes them quick to find and reach.
However, as there is limited real estate and placing all FXs (locked and visible) in Zone 1 quickly becomes unpractical.

I hope I manage to describe this somewhat understandable.

2 suggested improvements.

  1. A new Quick “Zone Selector Control” enabled/disabled through the “Track Control Settings…”
    If we could readily manage ‘zone’ destination per “Track” to dynamically relocate them as you manage your tracks would be a huge efficiency gain in form of clicks and mouse movements.
  2. “Add Configurations” in the Mixer window, should support an “Advanced or Additional” Config, adding/managing individual “Zone” Groups/Banks.
    To also ADD “Zone Group configuration” where you can (in the mixer) switch between Zone1 - A,B or C during a session would be extremely practical

In the Track, the New “Zone Selector Control” could have a drop down menu showing available Zones 1.2.3, followed by All custom ZONE & current Groups. Like

“Zone Selector Control”
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 1 My Template
Zone 1 My Dynamic group for project xyz
Zone 1 My Drums FX
Zone 1 My Vox FX
Zone 2 My VCAs
Zone 2 My Groups
Zone 3 My Submix(es)

I understand my description do not solve all logics regarding Zone configurations in the Mixer, but it’s a fair direction. :slight_smile: Hope to see it pop up, Cheers!

EDIT: forgot to describe. Of course there should be an option in the Mixer(s) to select not only “Total Configurations” but individual Zone Configurations as well, so one can jump between groups for Drum FXs or Vox FXs in Zone 1 easily