Mixer 'white bar' fader bank indication

Hi all…

Using an Arturia Keylab Essential 88 which uses the HUI protocol with Cubase.

Got it nearly working 100% but the when using the Next/Prev buttons to shift banks of faders the white bar under the faders that shows which ones are controlled via the keyboard doesn’t shift with it - it stays on faders 1-8 even though the faders on the keyboard are mapped to faders 9-16 etc.

Obviously this is a bit confusing as I have no idea what faders are being controlled!

Is there a Cubase setting I need to tweak? I have another (mini) controller with faders which uses Mackie Control & the bank shift button does move the white bar.

Perhaps a limitation of HUI vs MCU? Master Fader also doesn’t work with HUI.



Do you use the Mackie Control & the HUI devices both at once? Could you try to use the HUI only?

Btw, you can switch Arturia Keylab Essential to the Mackie mode too, right?

Hi Martin, thanks. I did disconnect all other controllers & deleted the MCU.

I’ve also tried MCU with the Essential but it didn’t work as well. The Master Fader worked but the Master Pan didn’t & I was now unable to cycle through banks of faders. In other words, if I have more than 8 tracks, I am unable to control tracks 9+. Only tracks 1-8 are controlled by the faders.

If I try using the ‘Next’ & ‘Prev’ buttons, they simply light up & bring up tracks 8 or 6 in the display screen with L or R pan.

Also, the ‘Save’ & ‘Undo’ buttons are similar - they light up & show tracks 2 & 3 with L or R pan in the display screen.

I don’t think the Essential Series works well with Cubase in Windows in either HUI or MCU…


The “Master Pan” doesn’t work by definition. Mackie Control protocol doesn’t support it. On the Mackie hardware, there is no 9th encoder.

I don’t know, what exactly do you mean by this, I can’t imagine, what happens. But it sounds, like other MIDI Messages are sent.

This also sends like unexpected MIDI Messages.

This is not Windows/Mac. I had Arturia Keylab Essential 49 for some time and it was working (I forgot, if I was using the Mackie Control or the HUI protocol anymore, sorry).

Interesting about the Master Pan, I never knew that (make sense though as Master Pan is arguably a bit pointless!).

RE: general issues, nothing I do gets it to work. I’ve reset preferences, disconnected all other controllers & restarted Cubase after each attempt. HUI does work better than MCU but the fact I can’t see which bank of faders is selected is annoying. The random MIDI messages sent by the buttons is odd!

Anyway, thanks for your help. It actually arrived with a broken key out of the box & I was planning on a replacement but I’ve now made my mind up to return it for a KeyLab Mk2 which has dedicated Cubase mapping & uses MCU (I used to own one so I know it works well!).


Why? In which sense? I always preferred MCU over HUI. MCU is newer standard with more options. And it’s also easier. HUI is always checking, the hardware device is connected, what is quite enjoying and unnecessary MIDI data are send forth and back.

Sorry, I shall rephrase it - HUI works better than MCU on the Essential Series.

I agree with you that MCU is much better - hence why I’ve swapped back to a Keylab Mk2 that uses MCU for Cubase.

Arturia’s ‘official’ advice is to use HUI on the Essential Series.