Mixer Window Cannot Be Adjust in Cubase AI 10.5

Hi there,

I’m new to jump in cubase and lately I installed Cubase AI 10.5 which I got by purchasing Steinberg’s interface. Have an instant problems with mixer pop up window adjustment when I clicked to shown lower area (for mixer, etc). I don’t know if it’s common issue, but I cannot adjust the size of it. It is literally as big as 3/4 from my overall workview and the track area is very small and I cannot adjust it to be bigger. What should I do about this? It’s really confuse me and any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

I don’t have your version of Cubase, but on my version I can adjust the size of the lower zone.

Hover the mouse pointer around the border between the lower zone and the main project zone and it should change into a different kind of pointer (2 lines with an arrow pointing up and another arrow pointing down).

When you see that, click and drag to resize the lower zone.

Hi and thank’s a lot for the kind reply. Yes I thought so about the pointer and tried that method but literally nothing changed and the lower zone in still unable to change. It’s kind like stuck on that size. I wish I could shown the pictures of it. Saw many review on YouTube and looks like it should be just normal as yours. Again many thank’s for the reply

That’s totally weird. - Maybe try starting Cubase in “safe mode”? Safe Mode Dialog

Use the option “Disable program preferences”. Then try again, if you can change the height of the lower zone.

If that works, it would seem to indicate that your Cubase Preferences file may be corrupted. And if that’s the case, quit Cubase, start in safe mode again, and select the option: Delete Program Preferences. That option deletes the corrupted file and resets Cubase to factory default settings.

For now I am trying to reinstall it, let’s see what it can do. But if it’s still working in a weird way, then I will try the method that you advise me and I will comeback with the result. Hopefully it will works *finger crossed

thank you again for the helps

Well I tried to perform the safe mode, but nothing’s actually happened. it stay the same and the lower zone still cannot be adjut :frowning: really frustrating

that is too bad :disappointed: - I have no idea what’s happening then.

But thank you for the update after you tried.

pleasure is mine, and I noticed at the end of installation proccess there are written as “installation failed” but somehow cubase is able to be opened. and running normally. So I tried to install it again without uninstall an old one. and success. also some vst is running smoothly. but the last problem remain, the lower area is still unable to be adjust. anyway, thank you very much for your prompt respond, really appreciate it