Mixer window scrolling

Hello! Let’s say I’m in the Mixer window and I have a lot of tracks to scroll through. Can we quickly navigate to either the full left or right of the mixer? Perhaps there’s a key command or other function? I am NOT referring to the left/right zones that can be locked at either sides. Is the only way to carefully click and drag the thin scroll line bar at the bottom? Thanks


You can search for any channel and click on it.

No, there is no command to scroll most left/right.

Thank you for the quick response. Understood. Your presence is much appreciated!

Hi, you don’t have to click and drag the scroll bar, just aim your mouse pointer on the bar and roll the mouse wheel. Works in both directions for me, really fast

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You can also hoover the mouse over the meters and scroll.

Thanks so much; I’ll give it a try.

Oh, that’s an awesome tip! Thanks :slight_smile: