Mixer with 3rd party VST?

Hello, am I overlooking something? I’m trying to find a way to get the mixer to control the volume of a 3rd party plug-in, namely Pianoteq. The piano track plays back fine, but the mixer will NOT control the volume and the meter next to the channel remains unresponsive.


Devin Thomas

I don’t personally use Pianoteq but there are plenty of Dorico users who do use it, and I’m not familiar with any problems like this. Are you definitely using the regular audio output fader in the Mixer, rather than the MIDI fader?

Yes, the regular fader labeled piano. It’s not working for me. Do I need to create an expression map or something? I tried the mixer in Write and in Play. but neither works.

It used to work flawlessly, but since Dorico 4, I noticed that I couldn’t use the fader(s) to control it anymore, and was too busy to dig into this and report it here. I use the output control from the plug-in itself as a workaround,. Something is going wrong, for sure…

Sorry for the inconvenience but true, it is reproducible. I’ve filed this as a bug in our tracking system.

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You will find that if you close and reopen the project after reloading the plug-in in one of the existing slots in the rack, both the VU metering and the fader itself will work as expected once more.

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Sorry but using Noteperformer and creating ensemble saxophone quartet,all quartet playback in the

Mixer on soprano sax fader track, in dorico 3.5.12, in dorico setup all on port 1, ch 1, ch2 ch3,ch4, and audio output on 4 chanels, I think this is an old bug sense 2019

Any Help???
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Welcome Samuel,

When using Noteperformer with Dorico you will see just one instrument in the Dorico mixer.
To access the Noteperformer mixer click the ‘e’ button in play mode (next to the Noteperformer VST. There you will find all your instruments.

This is not a bug. It is the way NP works!

Dear Janus

Dorico should learn how to routing outputs form any library to the Dorico mixer outputs

best regards

Sorry, but I don’t understand what point you are trying to make.

Dorico has absolutely no way of knowing which MIDI channel inputs correspond to the audio channel outputs – each plugin can do whatever it wants. HSSE, Kontakt and Aria can have any input routed to any output, or sounds doubled from one MIDI channel into multiple audio channels. A plugin is a black box as far as Dorico is concerned. We hope to find a way of giving more control to the user in the future to allow for common configurations, but this is a current limitation.

Have you asked Arne for this capability at the NP web site?

NotePerformer has a single stereo output by design because it handles its own reverb/spatial processing for every audio channel, and it needs to do its own mixdown.