Mixer zones keep resetting to default

Hey everyone, I have split my lower zone mix console into zones (for example, audio tracks on the left side and master out on the right side). However, every time I load a different project then go back to the original one, my zone settings are lost and everything is back to the default channel position.

The mix console in a separate window doesn’t do this and it remembers the zone settings, but the lower zone mixer seems to lose the setting every time :confused:

Does anyone know why this is or how it can be fixed?


There are no Zones for the MixConsole in the Lower Zone. Or am I missing something?

You can set zones in the lower zone mix console by going to track visibility at the top of the left zone and then selecting zones at the bottom (there are too many things with name zone!). It’s just not remembering them when I go back and forth between projects.


Oh, nice, thank you!

I have tried this here and I can’t reproduce it. It is persistent here for me.

Thanks for trying! That’s strange. It remembers the setting for me if I simply close and reopen the project. But if I open a different project where I didn’t have those zones set up before reopening the original one, it forgets the setting.