Mixers in Workspaces

I use several workspaces for different parts of my process. I use 2 monitors, one above the other. I have the 3 mix consoles set up for different looks and each opens in various combinations with the project window over my multiple monitors. So for example, WS1 is mixer 1 on the bottom monitor and the project window above it; WS 2 would be mixer 2 on the bottom with project window above; WS 3 is project window full screen on bottom monitor and mix console 3 full screen on top monitor; etc. There are 2 issues I’m finding related to the mix consoles and workspaces.

  1. I always set the workspaces with the track widths just above minimum, but the mixers are not remembering track widths. If I switch to a different workspace and then back, the track widths are all over the place. Sometimes they are correct, but most of the time they have reset to be much wider and I then have to resize them again.
  2. I always have the Main Mix out fader in the far right zone. When I select different workspaces and return, the Main Mix has left the screen being too far to the right (where the control room would be if activated). If I “g” “h”, it pops back to where it should be.
    If anyone can duplicate and confirm, I’d appreciate it.
    My set up and info are in my sig below.

Same issue here I know this is very much a 1st world problem (as I guess every bug post is on this forum), the mixer doesn’t even jump remotely to the same screen when recalling a saved workspace. Looks like it is a Windows and Mac issue. I have four monitors and have my main montitor set to the second one from the left and the mixer always jumps to my third monitor after I updated the work space with it on the far left.

I have moved what is declared by the OS as the main moinor in system preferences so the menu shows up on the far left monitor and don’t have individual spaces for each monitor on and regardless it doesn’t save to the correct monitor. This would be much more usueful if this worked but in my set up it hasn’t worked at least back to Cubase 7.5.