Mixing Classical Music and Opera

Hello everyone ! Can someone guide me a little bit please ? I am a music producer and sound engineer from Romania, and I use to mix and master country music,hip-hop, rap, dance,house and another style like gipsy music if you know it. Now I want to begin to mix and master Classical music, Opera (and Blues maybe) , but I don’t really know the right plugin combinations for me to do this. Can someone guide me a little bit please ? I am searching for the right plugin combination for vocals like Reverb+DoubleDelay+Equalizer+Compression+PitchCorrect and the names of the suggest plugins so I can buy them or use what I’ve already got if I already have them in Cubase 11 . My respect to everyone and I’m waiting for your answers eagerly !

It’s a whole different world than the one you are working on at the moment.

In my limited experience, orchestral music production depends greatly on the actual recording.

If the recording will be made expertly, with great equipment, orchestra, conductor etc, there isn’t much you need to do other than basic EQ and light compression.

I am sure other people will be able to offer expert advice, but this is what I know so far, from my experience.

Hello ! Nice to meet you ! At the moment I am only interested in mixing classical music and opera vocals. Songs like Andrea Bocelli and Matteo Bocelli - Fall on me. I even recorded two parts miself with my own voice. If you want to hear it you can write me on facebook messenger you can find me if you write Daniel Stefanescu Timisoara or if you give me your e-mail address I can send it to you so you can hear my classical music mixing level for the moment.

I can’t help you there buddy.

Perhaps a mixing forum would be better, or if any of the chaps here would like to give you a few tips,


Many thanks mate . Thank you for the advice. I will consider it. Goodnight and I wish you all the best !

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Hi DanielStudio84,

Maybe that could be helpful. He is very competent both in terms of musical creation with plugins and stuff concerning mixing and orchestral mastering.

As somecomposer has mentioned, classical music is very dependent on the environment where it is recorded and the type of miking used. Generally, we use equalization and subtly compression. Listen to a lot of classical music to practice your ears in order to fully grasp the nature of this musical genre.

Good luck

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Good evening Rene ! Thank you for your advice, but I’ve done enough studying , from when I was 19 years old until I was 35 years old. My ears are use to listening to classical music and opera because I finished the Theater and Music Faculty . The thing is that I can mix any kind of music style, but now I want to learn flawlessly to mix classical music, and I am sad because I cannot disconnect my brain and my ears from the house,dance,rap,hip-hop and gipsy style music that I use to mix for many years for my customers.

You may have some good advices here : Mixing/mastering classical music - advice. :) - Gearspace.com
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Thank you Rene ! I will have a look ! Merci beaucoup René ! je vais les regarder ! Êtes-vous toujours ingénieur du son ou producteur de musique ?

Est-ce que l’on se connait?

Nous ne nous connaissons pas, mais j’ai réalisé que vous étiez français de nom. Et je parle français parce que ma mère était prof de français

Enchanté Daniel!

Je suis Québécois, j’ai oeuvré dans le monde de la musique et maintenant retraité. Composer de la musique demeure une passion pour moi et bien que je ne sois pas ingénieur de son et producteur, j’aime mixer et produire mes propres chansons ou pièces instrumentales. Je fais cela sans prétention et avec un simple désir de partager mes créations musicales.

Pour le plaisir… et à bientôt!

Je viens de Roumanie, en plein dans la capitale, je vis avec ma fiancée et nous allons avoir un enfant car elle est maintenant enceinte le premier mois. J’ai obtenu mon diplôme de la Faculté de théâtre et de musique il y a 14 ans et toute ma vie je me suis intéressé à rendre la musique plus agréable et plus belle. Si vous voulez, vous pouvez me rechercher sur Facebook, vous pouvez me trouver si vous écrivez à Daniel Stefanescu Timisoara. Dans le profil, j’ai une image animée avec moi et vous pouvez m’envoyer une demande d’ami si vous le souhaitez. Je peux aussi t’envoyer un projet avec moi chantant si tu veux, ou des démos.