Mixing Console - Configurations issue

Hi all,

I’m wondering about a feature that may or may not be present in Cubase 12 Pro.
I’d like to be able to “freeze” the state of my mixer configurations (meaning not have Cubase add any more tracks to them).

Here’s some context.
• I usually have my template loaded with all my main VST libraries. At that point (when I open any project with my template), all the VST libraries are turned off (disabled).
• I use several mixer configurations where:
– The main has all my VST libraries (so is empty at the start of a project since every track is disabled). This one I call “ALL TRACKS”.
– The rest of my configurations have group buses and Send Fxs, and master channels (but the point here is that these configurations have no VST library and should not have any). These configurations should stay the way I set them up (should = my expectations. Not the way Cubase should function).

The way I work is: the more I compose the song/score/project, the more instruments (VST libraries) I use (and therefore the more I “enable”).

The issue is that when I enable a new instrument, that same instrument appears in every single one of my configuration, but I’d like for that instrument to be “visible” only in my main configuration (“ALL TRACKS”). Not in the ones that should stay how I set them up.

Is there a feature I missed that can deal with that? Is there something I can do with the logical editor?

Thanks for the help!

Agree… This is absolutely annoying. This should have been fixed years ago!