Mixing Console in Cubase 13 Artist on MAC not usable

if I open the Mixing console by using F3, I see the following (image attached) and I´m not able to get it work properly. Is this a bug? Tried to check and uncheck all things, nothing changes…see in the web that others have this as well…how can I 7 you fix this? this way it´s not usable for me so far…

Adding to this that I´m on a Mac with Apple M2 Max Chip, 96GB and Sonoma 14.1


Click on Window > Windows. Select the MixConsole window and click Reset Window Layout. Does it help?

Thanks for your answer! unfortunately not, Cubase crashes after resetting the window layout…after reopening it, the issue is still there


Could you rename/remove all Cubase versions preferences folders, please?

Hey, thanks for your help! By renaming all old pref folders I made it work but I of course lost all old presets, which I didn´t want, as I want to keep all input and output routings, and project presets etc…So I did copy all the files from the renamed Cubase 13 presets folder back into the free one, which brought the problem back.
But I did read through this link:

Which gave me the idea to try deleting only the “Defaults.xml” file from this folder and yeah!! now I open Cubase 13, all preferences are still kept and the mixer works as well :slight_smile:

thanks so much, your input gave me the final hint!

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I have the same issue in Cubase 13 Elements. I have tried removing the folder and also just the default.xml file and none of that has corrected my issue. Hmm

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Do you have an older Cubase versions preferences folders? If yes, rename/remove them too, please.

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

That works for new sessions in Cubase 13 but all my current projects started in Cubase 12 and when I open the mixing console on those sessions in Cubase 13 there are no mixer channels showing. I guess I’ll just have to wait til the update before I can use 13.

For me this worked for all my older projects. I had 3 older Cubase preferences folders (10,11 and 12 ) I renamed these all and deleted the defaults.xml and since then I can open all projects, from all older Cubase sessions without any problems. I also tried this with a super old Cubase 5 file, and it works as well…

but for sure Steinberg needs to fix this with an update, as it seems to be not an individual problem, so this shouldn´t happen…

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