Mixing down - no reverb from send FX Bus

HI all,

We are still relative newbies but we do look at all available tutorials and manuals before coming on here.

We recorded a simple song using the preset from the Hub, “Steinberg UR242-Guitar Vocal Recording 1-C7.” This comes with a pre-loaded reverb on the tracks through the UR 242 FX Bus, the amount of which is controlled via the Sends tab in the Mix Console Window.

All has been sounding good but on final mixdown we are hearing no reverb whatsoever once exported. Our choice of Output Channels when we go to Export - AUdio Mixdown is UR242 Mix 1 or UR242 FX Bus. There isn’t a choice for a stereo out. Similarly, on the right of our Mix Console window we have 2 faders, a UR242 Mix 1 and a UR242 FX Bus, not a single stereo mix.

Can someone point us the right way? It must be something obvious but we can’t see what!

Tony and Noel


The same setup is mine - UR242 and CS1x for MIDI :slight_smile: Isn’t CS1x too expensive to be MIDI controller only? Try record some good pads of this blue-faced synth :wink: He is old and wise control synth.

When I got UR242 I quickly upgrade its Cubase AI to Elements and work two years, but then upgraded to Artist because of track limitations, but now to Pro. Also because of track limitations. Needs are growing.

With AI version you can export each bus simultaneously (If I remember AI). Then load them to new project and do the final mix. But I never used FX bus because I didn’t see this workflow for me. Maybe FX bus is for live performance only.

Now you can write down parameters of FX bus (Reverb Hall?) and create FX track, add the same Reverb and then send your signal to this FX track rather than to FX bus. This is how I did. All should sound very similar if not the same.

Hi ANeeman, and thanks for your reply. We only just got back on Cubase.

Your fix makes sense, but it seems like it shouldn’t be necessary. I’m not sure why, if we create a recording (Not for live performance) based on the pre-set choices in the Cubase Hub, surely it should be able to mix down with the FX bus. Otherwise, why would they suggest we use that preset?

I’ve had the CS1-X for about 20 years! Back since when I thought I’d be making more music than I do… But my kid is now at it and so yes, it’s an elaborate MIDI controller. It also serves as a passable keyboard for strings, pads, and multiple keys for my occasional gigs in a covers band!

Best to you in Latvia…


To anyone else who might read this, let me pose the question a different way.

It would appear that by using an audio track, the Cubase mix console, at least with our set up, will by default supply us with two master mix faders: a UR242 Mix 1, and a UR242 FX Bus, the latter for the reverb that CUbase also loads by default if we choose one of its presets in the Hub. However, it would then appear, based on the initial post above and the response, that the reverb sent via the FX Bus does not make it into our final mixdown if we choose “UR242 Mix 1” as our option. Why, then, does CUbase pre-load the Reverb in the first place? The response we got above suggests we have to copy all the FX info to our individual tracks. THis doesn’t make sense. So, either I am missing something very obvious in terms of incorporating the FX Bus into our mixdown, or there’s a fault in the system. Can anyone else advise?

Thank you!


The FX from the unit are, I believe for monitoring purpose only. They’re the same software as that within the Cubase Plugins hence settings can be copied but their use is just for monitoring whilst recording (without latency).

You’re not missing anything. While you can use the onboard dsp reverb of the interface by sending signal to UR242 FX Bus there’s no way how to include that in the mixdown. So it’s only useful for monitoring. It’s the same with my UR44.

If you like the reverb you can create FX Channel and use vst3 version of the reverb.

Thanks for all the replies here; we appreciate it.