Mixing, feedback. full song

Here is my cover off Heart´s “Al

one” I am mixing it and needs feedback. I know there are many issues with it.

I loke your take on this song. It reminds me a little tiny bit of Laibach on the verses. I like the VariAudio treatment on the chorus. Overall, I like the vibe .

I have a couple of suggestions -
I would edit the automation on the delay to flip between bypass and active, so you have the delay only hit at the end of each phrase, instead of echoing every word.

I would also add some bass drum / timpani hits in the chorus. Also some synth brass hits to pump up the chorus. Which is to say, I think the energy in the chorus could be more, then settle back into the verse as you are doing.

Anyway, I enjoyed it! Keep going!

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Thanx! Good feedback! The song is very different so I dont have any referencetrack really. The idea to automate the chorus delay I have thought of, I will try this. Drums on the chorus is probably something I will try, I have done some of that but not put much effort into it. If you hear I have some chelloplayers hitting the chellos with their bows as percussion on the chorus, this is something I could turn up.

I got positive feedback on the trumpet solo from my ex girlfriend, she plays the trumpet herself. I made it by vissling ad lib and using Variaudio/audio to midi in Cubase, I made very litttle editing of the midi to keep the “live”-feeling. Its not quantisized etc.