Mixing fun-damentals

A far as mixing is concerned it seems that there are close to general concepts on certain ideas or sounds. I’ve heard from you tube and read people say “I cut or boost on this, to obtain this “ it seems that there are frequency fundamentals and if there is/are cheat sheets or bullet points I could use to get there quicker than blindingly trying that would be really helpful, Does that make sense?

there is no “correct” way to mix, but most certainly there are certain techniques and frequencies that repeat themselves when mixing.

Google “how to mix instruments” and you should get a ton of information, like this one:

Guidelines on How to EQ 14 Common Instruments - Produce Like A Pro

There is a huge variety of excellent books on this and as well a ton of great practical youtube-channels.
I highly recommend to do a search there and dont forget to include the genre(s) you are interrested in the search criteria!
HTH, Ernst