Mixing Live streaming with Cubase and vMix & Digital Mixer

Hey Everyone

I am a newbie and would like to see if anyone is using Cubace for live mixing for a streaming. we are using a Beringer x32 digital mixer. Any help will be greatlly aprecated.

Than you

What would be the use case for Cubase in this regard?

Its totally doable.
You can use the channel strips from Cubase to mix on the fly everything for your stream.
It works pretty well with low latency if you PC is OK for this.
Avoiding any computer problems you´d be good only with the X32 stuff unless you want to use any special plugins for your mix (avoid any plugin that introduce latency - Plugin alliance is nice for this).

I tried once using my x32 rack and it worked fine.

Here a printscreen of what i did, vert simple, one to one connections.
Hope you know OK the routing of the x32.

Thank You so much !. We will try this and let you know how it works out