Mixing master bus

I am presently mixing quite a big project and automating various instruments. I have been playing with Limiters and compressors on my master bus and found a light compression brings clarity. Now I knew this, but the thing is I’ve always compressed after mixing not had a compressor whilst mixing, so if I keep the compressor on while I’m mixing will my changing of volumes as I go along affect what I previously done as the compressor, for want of a better phrase, evens things out. In other words is this a waste of time and a stupid thing to do to mix whilst having a compressor on the master bus ?

Does it work for you and does it give the result you want to achieve? then obviously it´s not a waste of time

Thanks. Yes you’re right the rule is if it sounds ok it’s ok. I suppose my best answer is the fact that no one has jumped on this post calling me an absolute idiot. I will continue to experiment and listen to examples of others work etc.