Mixing multiple songs in one project

Now and then I mix live recordings. I currently cut each song out and paste it into its own project and there are some benefits to that. Is there an easy way of just leaving everything in place and then do a snapshot of all the settings including VST effects etc for each song. I used to have an akai DPS24 that did exactly that and I am sure it must exist for Cubase. I am aware of the function to record track settings like volume etc but I would ideally like a single snapshot option - its probably right in front of me but cant see it at the moment!

Hi , you can use the snapshots on mixconsole. It is on the upper left side.
Just click the icon to create a snapshot

There is a menu to update or delete etc


And you can also specify the settings

Keep in mind that you can not keep plugins automation.

Excellent. Thanks. One of the things that I like to do is run Izotope Ozone on each track. Can I assume it’s settings will also be stored each time?

Yes they will