Mixing text and coda/segno symbols


Sorry to regurgitate well trodden topics, but I still don’t get how to use the workarounds for coda and dal segno symbols.

I know that I copy the symbols from either the smufl web pages, or from a dorico project I made earlier. I know I have to probably set the font size to 24 and make sure I use the right text (I think music text and/or bravura text - I can look this bit up again on the forum). What I don’t seem to get is how to mix the symbols with other text, such as “al Coda” etc. What font do people use for this? And incidentally do people just type in D.S. from the keyboard, or do they use the smufl symbol.

Apologies to revisit this, but I’ve never got this aspect looking right, and it’s time I found out why.

Thanks in advance.

Geoff D.

You know how if you type some text into Microsoft Word or Pages or whatever, you can select individual words or even characters and change their font/size/bold/italic properties from the toolbar at the top?

Dorico’s Shift+X and Shift+Alt+X popovers are exactly the same. Type your text as usual, paste the glyph in, and then select just the glyph and change its font. Or do it the other way round and just change the font of the regular text.

I believe these are the defaults:

Thanks pianoleo,

'Starting to get better results now. 'will persevere.

Geoff D.