Mixing with VST library reverbs

Hi all,

I have a question with regards to mixing with reverbs that are recorded with VST libraries such as for example EastWest libraries, and some ideas on how you guys mix them?

This is probably a subjective question but it’s just for me to get an idea on how others might work.

Just say if you were to record an orchestral piece, would you use the reverb provided with a particular instrument/library or turn the reverb off and send all channels to a reverb channel so it sounds like all the instruments are recorded in the same room?

Thanks in advance for your valuble input.

Go with your ears. No hard, fast rules.

I would season each instrument with it’s own reverb. Sometimes you’ll want the effect that an instrument is further back in the room than another so it may require a little more saturation than a front instrument. I also would color an instrument considering where it may be in the stereo field. Effect positioning may very well play a part in that concept. Sometimes, running all the instruments into a final reverb will create an ambient texture, determining room size and/or depth. This is just one scenario of many possible minds but you get the gist. In the end result, it is as mashedmitten said: “go with your ears”.