Mkv avi video and ass srt subtitles

Native Windows 10-11 Video Support: mkv and avi Container
“Matroska aims to become THE standard of multimedia container formats.”

Please implement MKV and AVI Video Standard and ass, srt subtitles support for Nuendo and Cubase video player.

when you are working with a big amount of massive video files and have a need to work faster, '" you can say to me: convert a H264/H265 MKV to MP4 and vice/versa without video/audio re-encoding with severals free tools (like Kirara Encoder)." But is not quick at all)) for example, i have to import subtitles to the video and that’s not possible without long converting video and subtitles in one file at first.

in old cubase 5 pro i was able to change mkv video extension to avi or mp4) or just add subtitles and video file with same name to the one folder and cubase works that out.
for example: i take '‘1.mkv’'named video, rename this file to ‘‘1.avi’’ after this take subtitles file(ass or srt), make the same name ‘‘ or 1.ass’’ add this files to one folder and import renamed video to cubase project (everything works without any problems, video+subtitles shows in cubase video player together without any converters and encoders) in 3-5 seconds. not 10-20 or more minutes with 30 or more gigabite videos

Thank you

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