I can’t define a difference. Worked absolutely great before and still doeas after MMCSS implementation. No difference in ticking that setting on/off on my Fireface.

As usual it’s also no harm to install the latest RME driver :smiley:

driver works fine and I don’t know if it’s the driver or just general but closing Cubase is a lot more snappier :wink:


Installed driver is 3080.
No problems during operation. Works fine.

Since one week somestimes after closing Cubase (even .06 yesterday evening,) blue screen appears - no further problem, after re-start everythings fine.

Since the machine is usually running all day, I can life with it. :wink:


Have you run windows update after updating the driver and Cubase?


No. Why shall I do this?

Anyway, will do it over the weekend. Thanks for the hint.


I also am interested in the explanation of why he should run windows update ??

I updated RME FF400 and Windows 7 (major and optional updates). Everything seems to be allright !


Win update today.
Still - all is working fine - if I close CB, occasionaly the message “the program …fault, please close it”

Hey, no problem :wink: as long as I can restart CB without problems and there is no bluescreen anymore.