Another song with singing. I am particularly interested in comments on the vocals. Specifically, the dynamics (compression), reverb, delay, EQ. How do they fit in the mix?

I’ll start by saying I love the song. LOVE the song. The lyrics are great, the structure is awesome. Just… wow.

As far as the vocals, I’m a little mixed on the FX. I THINK (and heck… I don’t know…) that what bothers me is a combination of where they sit in the mix (pretty forward, which works somewhat until you get to the 3:34 mark, where they really jump out at you and it’s a bit of a jolt), the FX that’s on them, and the way they are performed. I think I might like them better if they were performed with a little less nasal presence–this is personal, and technique related though, and may not be easily changed. That said, I like the IDEA of what you’re doing with them (including that, short delay/almost low-fi effect), but on the other hand, it feels little like the vocals and the “space” they occupy is too far removed from the instruments that accompany them. It seems disjointed, and maybe a little less extreme version of the FX you’re using would help gel everything together a little more. I love the harmonies you’re using–they are well timed, not-overdone and add a lot to mood of the song. Really like that.

I also think the arrangement seems to be missing something. I’m not sure what, but it seems a bit sparse in some way–but not by much.

Really like the song. I would never be able to do something like this.

I too am not sure what to think of vocal effects, I listened 2x so far and the tune is magnificent. Just not sure about having the mid-range vocal effect for 1st minute. It might be better a little darker there and then the cool effects (?)
That said it’s really great both the lyric, concepts, musicianship and recording. You are truly doing something unique and that personaly thrills me

Thank you for listening and taking the time to write detailed comments.
I agree with the comments. “Nasal” is a good word for the sound. I have no vocal training whatsoever. I will do some research about the singing voice. I will definitely keep working on the vocal portion with regards to the EQ and effects. I knew the song wasn’t finished but needed some pointers and direction, especially concerning the vocals.

It would be a moment of achievement for me if I could get a solid sounding vocal.

Hi J.L., I agree with the comments above. Another great song by you. I think my sister, who is a voice teacher, would say, “come on down”. But I am definitely not a singer, so I cannot advise. I don’t think what you’re looking for is going to come through effects, or equalization.

Well…this is brilliant !!! very different and unusual, well done man, very interesting vox phrasing and some unusual timing but that’s what’s making it work…really like this…Kevin

you certainly do have a very recordable voice , great acoustic guitar as well . :wink:

Great tune. Cool arrangement as well. The vocals sound good but they maybe need some treatment, there was a frequency that I could hear which tickled my ears a bit and it probably just needs to be notched out.

Good job!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

nice song and nice mix your voice reminds me of the chili peppers at times,i would like to hear the vocals with a more normal mix just to hear how it sounds, but anyway, good one.

The vocals are just fine, for me… this isn’t Opera, you know. I really like when you double it. I don’t like the acoustic because it sounds like a sample-player (yes, I’m a purist). Nice lyrics. Mix sounds about perfect to me :sunglasses: