Mobile and Windows liscence crossed?


I have registered two versions of Cubase that came free with my THR II amp and my UR-C Audio interface. I then installed a version on my Ipad Pro, and a second on my PC (the one I would use with the UR-C).

I just bought this 75$ CAD upgrade:
Cubase Elements 10.5
Upgrade from Cubase LE (4 or higher), Cubase AI, Cubase Essential 4/5, Sequel 2/3”

by following the link from the version on my PC (through the HUB menu.

I installed.

Under Help \ About I see Cubase AI 10.5 (and not LE);

And I do not see any new plugins I thought would come with (for example I only have an Octaver under “Pitch”. Looks like what I had before…

Did I intall correctly? I am confused between the site, Download Center and e-liscencer…

Thanks for any help!

Hi and welcome,

First of all, on iOS (iPad), there is no Cubase, there is Cubasis. It’s other product.

To make sure, what license exactly do you own (on Windows or Mac), go to the eLCC application. Here you can see it.