Mobile studio not install in android 13

hello mobile studio not working in android version Mobile Studio Not install in Android 13 please do something i have purchased this app But as soon as I changed the mobile and the version of Android changed, it could not be installed. In android 13

Hi and thank you for reporting this issue!

Which device model do you have?
What exactly happens when you try to install Music Studio, what’s the text of the error message?

We tested Music Studio on a Google Pixel 6a running Android 13, so the issue is unrelated to Android 13. We are aware that on some devices, searching for “Music Studio” on the Play Store results in the message “This app won’t work for your device”. This seems to be related to the screen’s pixel density which is odd…we’re still gathering data on that.

If you would like a refund, please drop me a private message.

PS: The app is called “Music Studio”, not Mobile Studio :slight_smile:

I am using samsung A33 mobile and the message is that this device is not compatible with this version
The android version installed in the mobile has 13
Please, because I have bought mobile studio, now I have changed my mobile, so I am not able to intall

yes of course software name is music studio I am attaching see screenshot

Android 13
Samsung A33

See Music Studio FAQ
“Due to technical reasons, Music Studio for Android will no longer be available for purchase on the Google Play Store from June 30, 2023.”
Very sorry about that.