Mobo for E5 2687W

My current system is based on a I7 975 (3,33). I had it for a couple of years now and it served me well.
Since I have to do a new install anyways because I finally want to switch to 64bit I want to upgrade the hardware as well.
As the title says I’m looking for an E5 2687W. As far as I understood, that is the way to go if you are aiming for high plugin count with low latency.
Unfortunately I did not follow the discussions here lately and have now Idea what mobo (Chipset) would be the right one.

System will be:

Win7 64
Nuendo 6 64
Samsung SSD 840 Pro (3x for System / Samples / Audio)

Focus is on high plugin count with low latency (64/128 buffer)

Any hint would be welcome

Thank you


don’t waste your money on Xeons.
only point to it is for duals and you don’t need a dual

just buy either a 3930K and over clock it to 4.5GHz or buy the 3970X

Will the 3970x be noticeably faster than my 975?
Any recommendations concerning the mobo?

Thanks Scott, your input is very welcome. I wish you had a german ADK department :smiley:

stock speed vs stock speed its about 35% faster.

over clocked its much more like 55%

oh and i would not buy the 3960 or 70 just the 3930k
3.2GHz vs 3.5 never notice the over clocking is what gives the big boost

FYI we ship to Germany and the EU all the time.
also check out Scan UK and Daw plus who is in germany

Thanks again Scott.

Would this be the fastest low latency solution available?
I was hoping for a bigger speed increase, since my system is a couple of years old now.
I don’t mind spending more money if there is a faster solution.

Hi there,

in Germany you should definitely get in contact with XI-Machines.
We use them on Music-Shows etc.
Most reliable and perfectly configured.

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