MOCA - (Mouldy Old Crap Accordion)!

So… have always wanted to sample an instrument and finally got around to learning Halion 6. Have to say, love Halion!

However, the only thing I could find to sample was an old accordion from the 1950’s or 60’s. It’s been in the shed for many a year, never played. One of those items you think “I must eBay that one day” but never do. Perfect (actually the only thing to hand) however for my task!

It’s a Scarletti accordion. Think it was probably a budget model in its day. Not particularly well made when you take the covers off. It clunks, not particularly in tune at times, the notes get stuck, am pretty sure that not all reeds are as they should be and it’s pretty dammed mouldy - hence the name MOCA (Mouldy Old Crap Accordion).

Went crazy! Sampled each note and each button individually. There are only four rows of buttons on this instrument, there are six on most I believe and only twelve buttons in a row, normally 20. Have mapped the buttons chromatically rather than how they would be on an accordion to make it more logical for a keyboard player (or me at least). The buttons are mapped on twelve notes from C0 and have set key switches to switch between the rows;
C-1: Major 3rds
D-2: Root Notes
E-1: Major Chords
F-1: Minor Chords

Have also built a Macro page with some effects and control. First time doing this, fingers crossed.

Please feel free to use it if you dare! All comments and advice welcome (regarding building an instrument - not the source instrument!), would love to hear a track if you do. Here’s a track I created - don’t worry, it’s short!

The one issue I have had is that I can’t seem to find a way to get the Mod-wheel to initialise to a value. I’m using the mod-wheel as a “swell” control. So when you load it, you may need to push the mod-wheel up to get level. Any advice on that one?

Here’s a Dropbox link for the instrument. Hopefully I’ve exported this in the right way?


Ps. Glad the project is over, the dam thing stunk!

cool ! Sounds like the real thing.
will try this in the weekend.
Seems usefull when layered with other sounds.
Will send the tryout you when i have something.

kind regards,

Layering is a perfect idea. Can’t wait to hear it!

Thanks, Nick

maybe you need to look further into this.
It registers fine in the library manager, but it doesn’t show up in any of the halion sonics, and not in the mediabay, neither in the browser ?
Have you tested it on a external computer ?

Apologies for delayed reply. I haven’t tested on external machine. Will look at the exporting again. Thanks for the heads-up!