mod delay plug in

The old 32 bit Mod Delay plugin, it was simple and had a nice wobble in the modulation, any chance of bringing it forward to 64bit to work in current versions.


Yes, I totally agree. Me too want that simple but elegant mod delay back to be used in Cubase Pro 9.

Ok, I found a delay vst that does the same job;
Steinbergs ModMachine has a modulation built in, sounds nice too.

What’s wrong with ModMachine?


Nothing is wrong with ModMachine…except

A million old sessions opening with missing plug in “mod delay”

I’ve tried to get ModMachine to sound exactly the same, but it just doesn’t, there is something in the wobble of the modulation that’s different.

Why take something away that was included, steinberg already wrote, already spent time on the coding, just needs updating to 64bit. a very simple plugin should take no time. does not even need a new UI

Alternatively, make Cubase/Nuendo automatically put a ModMachine in whenever a Mod Delay is called by a old session, with the same settings and sound.

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Could you install the older version separately?

I was in v7, no longer possible in v8, 64bit plugs only. I do have jbridge, but have decided to no longer use it in an effort to keep things simple going forward. But even so,
i dont think you can jbridge an old steinberg internal plug in ( actually i havent tried). Anyway its no big deal, this is just a wishlist request.

+1 for updating classic steinberg mod delay to 64bit!! So simple and atmospheric.

PS it works perfect in jbridge but like other poster I am trying to eliminate 32bit plugs
I am about to mess around with mod machine to see if I can get anywhere close to similar…

+1 for updating. There is something about the modulation that just locks in with a nice vibe.

+1 for updating - I think this vote will definitely get us over the line… :wink: Same reasons as above - loved the old ModDelay and DoubleDelay, and it would help big time with old projects. Going to try jbridge - thanks for mentioning this.

I recently tried to use Jbridge to get this plug-in running in Cubase Pro 11 and no luck. I kept getting and error message “Sorry, this PlugIn requires Nuendo 2.x!”. Has anyone found a solution of any kind? I love this delay and am also trying to get the DeClicker plugin from Cubase 5 as well.

+1 Would like to have ModDelay back to open old plugins, or at least have a way to run it in JBridge