Mod Wheel Alternative


My midi controller (which has a mod wheel) hasn’t worked for some time. Is there such a thing as a virtual mod wheel - I thought there may have been a plugin for example, but I haven’t been able to find anything.

I would like to alter CC1 as the track plays, rather than have to draw it in. If I can alter CC1 using a fader that would be just as good.

Appreciate any advice.

P.s. I use a very old version of Cubase (6.5).

Hi Earthday.
Unfortunately I don’t know about Cubase 6.5.
But I have a suggestion maybe it works for you:

  • you can move the mod wheel by using the halion vst i with a instument that has the mod wheel active.
  • you can use your mouse to move the mod wheel of the on screen keyboard
  • as a alternative: it is really much easier to draw mod wheel information if you use the line tool, maybe in sine mode…

Thanks @Frank_Rapke , I appreciate your reply.

I wasn’t aware of the Virtual Keyboard within Cubase. It has a pitchbend and modulation slider, which is exactly what I need. They don’t seem to have any impact though when I move them. The Manual says to record enable the track, which I’ve done, but moving he slider does nothing.

Do you know how to resolve this?


Could use an app on your tablet or phone.

Thanks @Brian_Roland - I did look into that. Everyone that was using the apps I looked into had a much later version of Cubase, so I thought they may not be compatible with 6.5.

They may be though… perhaps I should look into this further.

Thanks again.

I meant the actual on-screen keyboard. It opens with alk+k and looks like this:

you can either use your mouse to move the two wheels on the left side or you can click a key with your mouse hold it and move the mouse left/right (for a pitchbend) or up/down (for a modulation)…

Thanks. The Virtual Keyboard in Cubase 6.5 is connected to the Transport Panel, but looks similar.

I use the mouse to move the wheels/sliders, but nothing happens. I have record enable activated on the track. Do I need to somehow link the modulation wheel for example to CC1?

I’m wanting to adjust the modulation for midi that’s already there, so don’t want to have to hold a key down on the Virtual Keyboard.

Thanks again.

Hm - you’re right. I never tried to do this with a track that has already been recorded :sweat_smile:
For that purpose I always used a hardware controller…
So I tried to use Halion and the virtual keyboard and they write the CC1 data, but only if you play a note as well.
But i found another workaround which is maybe even better for you: got to your midi track, open the midi inserts, chose “track control” (if not selected change to GS1). The lowest slider should be the modulation CC1 controller. Now activate “record output to track” in inspector (midi insert section on the left - see picture). If you now start recording and move the slider of the FX it writes information to your existing midi track!

Should be plenty fast.

I’ve only used one option myself. An app called TouchOSC on Android (Seen it on both Google Play and Amazon). I’m pretty sure there are variants of it for the Apple realm as well. This one is designed to work over a network and does require either a USB to MIDI DIN interface, some sort of UDP/TCP interface over the LAN/WAN, or an OSC server/client on your PC. There might be some simpler ways than going OSC (the way I use it), and there are loads of MIDI controller apps are out there to research.

The trick is to get the events from the tablet into Cubase in CC form since it doesn’t have native OSC server/client abilities. Some of the apps I looked at require an actual USB to DIN MIDI interface hooked to the tablet. Others can do it over LAN or wireless WAN. There might be one out there that can use a network rtp protocol. In that case you could run rtpMIDI to get a connection over your WAN/LAN.

Personally, I use TouchOSC and run an instance of Bidule in stand alone mode (free demo should work for this) to serve as the OSC server/client, and use loopMIDI to get the events into Cubase.

So, my physical MIDI controllers are routed into Bidule, I’ve built some bidules to convert OSC messages into CC messages Cubase and its hosted instruments can understand. I route Bidule out to a loopMIDI virtual port, and then set my inputs in Cubase to use the virtual port.

I’ve also got a few Generic Remote maps running in Cubase in order to control more of the DAW from the tablet.

PS. I see on the TouchOSC website that they offer a free bridge for Mac and PC, so using OSC and Bidule might not be necessary?

It’s worth a look if you want to turn your tablets and phones into some extra controller power.