Mod-Wheel Changes for Pitched Instruments


When using the library Virtual Drumline (VDL) by Tapspace (which I run through Kontakt 7), I am running into an issue of not being able to use the instruments’ full playback, as many of the options within each instrument is contingent on the CC1 (or other CC) setting. I have read a lot on creating percussion maps to handle rolls and other techniques common for percussion instruments, but these all pertain to unpitched percussion. How can I go about setting certain notations to CC1 values (ex. tremolo on a note to change CC1 to 97 for rolls in Timpani, or applying pedal line notation to change CC64 to 65 in Vibraphone to get a sustain sound)?

Included below are reference keymaps for VDL.

For pitched Percussion you need a regular Expression Map. In this instance each switch would be a CC1=x (or CC64=x)

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I wondered as much… Thank you for clearing this up. However, I am still having issues with the playback being correct… It seems no amount of trials lets me switch the CC1 values like needed for the timpani, and the percussion mapping used seems completely ineffective for routing to the correct sound… I included a file with the matched settings (I felt an excerpt would be better than the whole file with wind instruments).

As can be heard, the marimba and vibraphone sound fine, though the vibraphone is not able to use pedaling because of the lack of CC1 changes.

dorico_VDL_expression_maps.dorico (1.1 MB)

Thank you very much in advance!

I don’t use VDL, so I can’t help with specifics. Sorry.

I believe you might be best served by getting in touch with Eric Kruse, who is working on a Dorico template for VDL. Details here:

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