mod wheel mapping for dummies

like me.

I’ve read the manuals…I’ve searched the forums…the internet…it must be going over my head. I have Cubase 10 elements. I use Play 6 and NI Kontact. VSTs

The 2 mod wheel type things on my Roland FP60 will Midi learn whatever I need it to, but it won’t UNLEARN CC7 ( Main Volume)
Both Mod wheels insist on keeping CC7. The main volume in my Kontakt Libarary in the upper right always moves with my physical Mod wheel. I don’t want it to. I just want to use it for CC1 and CC11 and be done with it. How do I change where my physical mod wheels are mapped to?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Please, double-check Studio > Studio Setup > all Remote Devices.

Done that.
Nothing called ‘all remote devices’. Remote Devices gives me a blank page. Generic Remote gives me a list of Fader control names.
Like I said…I’m missing something…or its going over my head. I’m pretty new at Cubase, but I do know that cc1 and cc11 are something I need to learn how to map.

Like Martin I’m suspecting something is not set up the right way.
Check all your midi settings, make you are not sending midi information to other devices or ports that might be looping around.
That includes the “All Midi In” settings, make sure only the appropriate midi devices are selected.
It might be easier to spot if you take a few screenshots.
Could also be something completely different, but let’s rule out the easiest causes first.

Ok…here are some snapshots…if there are specific ones you want…let me know.

a couple more…

I just found something else out.
My left mod wheel also controls stereo in…which I do not want.
And my right mod wheel controls stereo out…which I do not want.

Hopefully this can be all fixed.


Set the Generic Remote MIDI Input to Not Connected. This should solve your problem.

If you use any Quick Controls, unassigned them, or set the Quick Controls (both Track and VST) MIDI Input to Not Connected too.

Thank you for fixing the stereo out and stereo in. I did what you said and it worked, but the mod wheels both still control the main volume in Cubase, Kontakt, and Play.

Here is a screen shot of my Kontakt player. You can see the red square beside CC7. It lights up when I’m moving either mod wheels…and they aren’t even assigned to anything. And it still moves the volume control in the upper right hand area.

More information. I did a right click Midi learn on the Swell, or Dynamics…and it automatically assigned it to CC 7.I want it to assign to midi 1 where it should be…because now the mod wheel activates both the Dynamics and the main volume…No good…

And as you can see from the flute snapshot…It assigns everything to cc7…and for some reason…it doesn’t even ‘say’ main volume there…just the additional ones that I assigned.

Do any settings need to be changed here?


Are you sure, there is no Quick Controls Assignment? Dodo you set also the Track/VST Quick Controls MIDI In to Not Connected?

Are you sure the Mod wheel sends MIDI CC1? Could you Insert MIDI Monitor and check what MIDI Messages is received by Cubase?

Quick Controls Assignment and Track/Vst Quick Controls Midi are the same as they were in Snapshot 3 and 4 except the Roland is longer an input. Both input and output are ‘not connected’

The mod wheel does NOT send midi CC1 by default. That’s the problem. Both mod wheels send Midi CC 7 by default and I can’t seem to change that. I can only get moduation or expression if the instrument happens to have the correct knob for it (midi learn), but it registers as CC 7 as I showed in the Kontakt snapshot. And on top of that, because its default midi cc7, if I assign ‘midi learn’ to a ‘dynamic’ knob, the mod wheel controls both dynamics and main volume which is a disaster.

I don’t know how to insert midi monitor.


Please read the Roland manual or ask in the forum, how to change the mod wheel assignment. It’s nonsense that 2 mod wheels send the same value.

To add MIDI Monitor: Open the MIDI Inserts in Cubase’s Undirected, click to the empty slot and select the MIDI Monitor from the list.

According to Roland website, FP60 does not have any mod wheels.


I had a look to the Piano and quickly to the manual. I guess Robert_G is moving the two Part (Lower and Upper) sliders. According to manual, these “Adjusts the volume of…” lower/upper part divided by the Split point. So it makes sense, they send MIDI CC7 (Volume).

As I know some instruments system, I would guess, that Roland FP 60 is using 2 MIDI Channels, once you split the keyboard. So I guess, that the left slider (Part Lower) sends MIDI CC7 on MIDI Channel 1, and the right slider (Part Upper) sends MIDI CC7 on MIDI Channel 2. This would explain, why does it controls Volume.

This instrument is not meant to be for the use case to be used as a master keyboard and send advanced MIDI messages. So it’s not possible to change the MIDI data, which are sent out.

But, if you have Cubase Pro, you can use MIDI Input Transformer to transform incoming MIDI data.

So one of the Input Transformer could look like:

Type Is > Equal > Controller > And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller Number) > Equal > CC7 (Main Volume) > And
Channel (MIDI Controller Channel Equal) > 1
Value 1 > Set fixed Value > CC1 (Modulation).

By this you would change, that the 1st slider would be translated to the Modulation.

and the 2nd Input Transformer could look like:

Type Is > Equal > Controller > And
Value 1 (MIDI Controller Number) > Equal > CC7 (Main Volume) > And
Channel (MIDI Controller Channel Equal) > 2
Value 1 > Set fixed Value > CC11 (Expression).

By this you would change, that the 1st slider would be translated to the Expression.

Then you can map it freely in your instrument.

I hope this will work for you.

Correct. Those are the 2 sliders I’m talking about.

That is what I was afraid of. The Roland FP-60 is a beautiful digital piano and piano is what I do best, so that’s why I got it. At the time, I bought it, I barely knew what a midi controller was much less how to work one. I don’t regret buying it…but I’m going to need to purchase a proper midi controller.

I have elements. I’m only 3 months into using Cubase…and I do like it, but not ready to go pro yet. This suggestion of yours is the first reason I’d consider upgrading, but as someone else pointed out…the sliders on the Roland aren’t great mod wheels anyways…

I have one last question…I’m considering buying the Komplete Kontrol A49 just for the modewheels mostly. Is there such thing as a cheaper Midi Controller that just has a couple of really nice mod wheels (no keyboard needed) that would be easy to assign??? Would love some suggestions…or should I just go with the Komplete Kontrol A49?


What about Novation Launch Control XL, for example? Or some alternatives of it?

That’s an interesting little machine. Are all 8 faders easily assignable for midi?
My only concern is how much it is hyped for Ableton. Wonder how it would be for Cubase?


It’s a generic MIDI controller. So no problem with Cubase at all. I don’t own it, but in the past I had a Novation keyboard and it was fully programmable.

I was looking at their midi controller ‘Launchkey MK2 49-Key Controller’ …My biggest question would be whether the pitch bend wheel is easily remapped to CC11 (expression). That is the most comfortable place to control expression while playing keys with the right hand.