Mod Wheel movements not recordable as automation?

If I have a midi track with a synth in it, and the Mod Wheel has a function such as changing the filter cutoff – in cubase 5. 5 when I enable “write” of automation on the track & instrument, then move the mod wheel during playback, what happens is you can hear the change, but it does not record automation…why not? I want to be able to record the automation effect of moving the modwheel…

If i open an automation lane for “MIDI CC - Modulation” and draw it in, it works fine, but again, actually moving the modwheel even with Write enabled will have no recording effect.

Is there something I’m missing?


Try recording the modulation wheel on the midi track!

I.e enable the record on the midi track.

I tried this and got a really weird result…it shows the automation over the top of the midi clip itself,not as a line but as a bunch of bars reflecting the values; it does seem to work, but I can’t get the clip to look normal again! and it’s kind of an awkard method when it both changes the clip display and requires -actual- recording, not automation writing…

so I’m still curious, isn’t there a way to record mod wheel automation into the “MIDI CC 1 - Modulation” automation lane without having to literally be recording (e.g. record on the transport, as you suggested) but rather just in “write” mode for automation?

I don’t understand why that lane can be drawn into and have an effect, but won’t pick up mod wheel movements in write mode…

thanks again, -M

Mod wheel data is just midi data and as such is recorded the same as midi, it’s not like automation data.

… but it can be recorded like it :wink:
MIDI menu>CC Automation Setup
Set “Record Destination” (either globally, or just for CC#1… modulation) to “Automation Track” rather than “MIDI Part”.

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Thanks! Exactly what I needed to know, this was a big help!


Ah…good one, my Cubase Midi experience is lacking (I’m a mainly audio guy) :laughing:

I personally prefer recording the modulation into the midi part though, that way you can view and edit it with the editor open.

You mean, you actually listen to your work? :open_mouth: :question: :question: :mrgreen: :smiley:

When I have to :laughing:

Under MIDI-> cc automation setup, I have “record destination on conflict” set to automation track.

It still records in the midi track lane and not in the instrument automation track lane which is where I would like it to go. I’m on Cubase 6

It will still record into the MIDI Part, unless you also Write-Enable the MIDI track… then it sends the (defined) CCs to automation lanes instead.

I’ve always wondered about the automation data being displayed superimposed on my MIDI data. Never could figure out how to edit it there - thanks for this thread, and vic_france!

Uh … just saw this thread. Is this available in CB4? I can’t find it on MIDI menu. I would really like to be able to record CC’s as automation, since I want use them to automate my TASCAM DM-4800 console and editing all those fader movements in controller lane of a MIDI track is PITA.

If it’s not in CB4, I seriously have to think it’s time to upgrade (even though I could wait until CB7).

It is accessed a little differently in Cubase 4 (and not quite as versatile… it is global only…, although the principle remains the same)…
Go to Preferences>MIDI> and activate “MIDI Controller Input to Automation Tracks”, then Write-Enable the desired MIDI track(s).

Just BEAUTIFUL! Works like a charm! You’re my hero, Vic!

just did a quick search for this, thanks for the tip.

Group hug, this thread gave me the answers i was looking for! :smiley: