Mod Wheel on Automation Track


I’m hoping someone here can help me, as my problem is related to Cubase, Kontakt, and orchestral VSTs. From the outset, I am a hobbyist (and a relatively new one), so forgive my lack of knowledge or incorrect terminology.

I have a Roland FA08 as a controller, and my issue is regarding the modwheel. The modwheel on the FA08 is a common configuration - you push up or down for mod, left and right for pitch bend.

  1. While in Kontakt I load up, say for example, NI Symphony Series strings or Cinematic Studio Strings. When I move the modwheel up and down, the volume/expression (whatever happens to be mapped by default to the modwheel) works perfectly. I can see on the Kontakt instance the modwheel moves up and down, and I can hear the volume/expression changing. Everything works perfectly.

  2. I record a simple part. IF I use the modwheel during the recording, the volume/expression is recorded along with the part. I can see that “data” overlayed on the midi part (I haven’t figured out why it overlays this data - I’m still learning Cubase).

    This is what does NOT work:

I often want to simply record a part (focusing on the performance), then automate the volume/expression via an automation track. If I record the part without the modwheel data, then add an automation track for volume/expression, the modwheel will not work. I’ve tried adding all kinds of tracks related to that data, Midi channel automation tracks (CC1 Modulation, CC11 - Expression), Kontakt automation tracks (e.g. Volume - CSS 1s), and nothing works. I obviously can draw in the data, but I’d really like to use the modwheel.

What I just don’t understand is why it would work while I record the initial part, but not on an automation track.

I’ve been fighting this for several days, if any of you have any ideas, I’m all ears.

Thank you.

I have been haunted by this problem as well, and in a similar context. There’s a bit of a hack that should work:
(1) Set the MIDI record mode to merge. Now it will merge your new performance into the exiting one.
(2) Ideally, you’d now just move the mod wheel as it plays back. This does not work, because recording seems to require a note on event, or everything you do will be ignored. Therefore, play a note and hold it down while doing the mod wheel.
(3) Go into the key editor and delete the fake note. The mod wheel data is still there and will effect the recorded notes.

It’s an annoying hack, requiring pointless work and presenting you with a distracting note in step 2. You could play a note in the wrong key (so it’s easy to delete later) but that will distract you too much from the mod wheel performance. I suppose you could try playing a very high or low note, or a dead note (e.g. something outside the range of the instrument you’re trying to apply mod wheel to). It would also help if the fake note is played very quietly.