Mod Wheel- set volume to high and leave it

Hi, I’ve been reading and can’t find an answer and believe there has to be a way to do this. When playing Halion Sonic, the volume is often too low to be heard in the mix. This is because the “mod wheel” is turned down. Turning up the mod wheel corrects this. The problem is that it seems there is no way to set the mod wheel to high and to leave it there. I’ve tried adjusting the the mod wheel and saving the patch- no change. When I restart the project, the adjustment is gone. The mod wheel is low again. I’ve tried going into each track on Cubase and setting CC1 to be high. Two problems- it takes forever to do this and 2 , it doesnt always work.

Does anyone know of a way to set the mod wheel to high and leave it there so that the volume is adequate or to configure it on a per song basis? ( or maybe change what CC1 controls ) I’ve waste a week trying to mix a song because every time I mix it the track volumes are different. Thanks in advance for the help!


Anyone have any ideas other than resetting this at the start of every session?

How does one get an answer on things like this? My project is on hold because every time I restart the project, the volume drops out of HS. It seems like this should be easy. Anyone with Steinberg/Yamaha monitoring these thread?

You can add a CC1 at the beginning of the file to control the mod wheel (use the list editor to do this)


I’m not near Cubase right now, but if memory serves - this only happens on the strings as in HSO? You say CC1 does not work?

Dude, this did it for me, thanks!
Could have thought about this myself (as usual… :unamused:, and it is “just” a workaround after all and they should fix this behavior of CC1!) but it works nonetheless. Good call!


Could you please post some steps on how to do this? Thanks