mod wheel settings issue

like say for example i use a retrologue in one of my projects i set the mod wheel of the retrologue to a 100 %
(that,s all the whey up) i save my project close my cubase. lets say i start my cubase up the next day i choose the
retrologue that i tweaked ant i see that the position of the mod wheel is all the whey down ( default setting).
this happened in different projects where i had to reset the mod wheel to position where i left it in where i save it in. to my knowing this only happened to the mod wheel.

I can confirm this is also happening in Sonar X-1 Producer Expanded. So it appears to be a plugin issue not a host issue. Sadly it doesn’t look like Steinberg ever mans their “support” forums so I don’t think a fix will come from posting here. Maybe there is a Bug Reports form that can be filled out and sent in?

Perhaps there is a “Reset Midi CC 1 on load up” function built into Retrologue…

thanks for the reply knowing i,am not the only one.