Modal window - default to apply


Is ist possible, to define the modal window directly to confirm instead of preview?

I use a touchpad for the most functions, that works very quick , but when i want to apply a function in the modal window, i must grab the mouse …

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Good suggestion, however in order to “kill 2 birds with one stone” the better way to go about this is adding a batch rendering function instead. Sort of like the idea of creating custom macros.

That way you have more of an option to decide how to edit exactly how you want to edit your options. For example, if you want to run a de-bleed process automatically for about 100 times, you have the option/customization of doing so instead of manually having to click on process de-bleed for each de-bleeding process.

It would be great to customize a process like casting and automatically batch process/batch render a process however many times you define the parameters.

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Thanks a lot Unmixing, this will bring me miles forward!!!


Sorry Unmixing, i search the whole SLP9, but i cannot find a macro or batch function???

Where can i add a batch rendering in my version Pro9?

Unmixing is suggesting a feature for a future update of SL, not referring to an existing function.
Duly noted regarding an Apply shortcut. Batch processing may be considered in the future as well.

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thanks Robin, in my country we say “i searched like a wolf”