Modal window gets hidden

I have a problem that was already there in 9.5 (Windows):

  1. Load a Montage
  2. In “Tool Windows” open “CD”
  3. in the “CD”-window open “Functions”->“Edit CD-Text”
  4. After the modal “Edit CD-Text”-window has opened go to the Desktop or any other program (send WL in background) and then back to Wavelab

Now, the modal “Edit CD-Text”-window is behind its main window and cannot be seen/used anymore. In case the modal child is completely behind its main window, WL is locked.

This is just one example, it happens also with other windows under “Functions”, maybe others too.


I can’t reproduce this problem. Does it happen all the time?
How do you “go to desktop” and “go back to WaveLab” ?

Yes, all the time and on two different systems (Win 10 1809) in WL 9.5 and 10.
I mean press “Windows key” + “D” to go to the desktop (minimizing WL) and then back to WL. It also works to switch to a maximized Explorer (or any other program).


Did some more testing…WL just needs to loose focus to put the modal window behind the main window. Even the Snipping tool triggers this. See here



This is because the CD window is floating. Anyway I could reproduce and fix.