Modern Metal Djent Metalcore Tutorial hehehe

A client shared this with me and it shined some light in what I was missing. :laughing:

Oh, and please discuss :sunglasses:

lol, that is excellent advice.
Especially this high-end guitar recording technique, gotta try that sometime.

Hats off to the guy for keeping a straight face. Remind me never to play poker with him. Thanks for a good morning belly laugh.

I suspect the video edits are to remove the spots where he cracked up as well.


This is brilliant and I’d never heard of Djent. Same “modern” recording techniques could be applied to every kind of music, especially “get four bars and paste over and over”. Thanks for posting

That’s awesome! (Yes, I still say awesome.)

Sad thing is that this song really isn’t too bad compared to a lot of the new metal crap I hear.

Oh yeah … I just “liked” your Woodcrest Facebook page, Tom! Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks Scott! Do you have a music/band page?

Hey, a question about that page. When you were there, do the pictures I share from my personal account show up? When I view the page, there is a column that says posts by others and I have to go there to see the things I share from my personal account.

I just see a bunch of other videos … not sure what the them is.

A practice video. The guys were working on a song arrangement and the camera pans back and forth to a closeup of a guitar neck and 2 guys standing face to face strumming solid body guitars in unison but not plugged in.


Thanks… I have to figure it out.

I do have a Scab Pickens Facebook page but I haven’t done anything with it. Maybe I should. Thanks for the reminder.

Not sure what you mean exactly by “from your personal account”. This is how it comes up for me …

I see the Recent Posts by Others at the top of the right column. I’m not a big fan of the Timeline layout. The top background picture deal is pretty nice but the way everything else is jumbled together is rather odd.

I usually try to avoid Farcebook but every once in awhile I’ll check in to see what kind of stupidity my friends have been posting.

I started typing something and it was so fûcking depressing I had to delete it. Thank me for that! :laughing: