Modern Notation

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Is this possible in Dorico.
If yes, is there someone who can help me how to do

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You can do quite a bit of that fairly easily, except for the boxes. Those you’d really need to add in Illustrator or Gimp.

Free meter is quite easy. Type X into the meter popover and hide it. The long squiggly lines you can create with a trill and hide the “tr.”

If you want to align figures between different staves that are not the same rhythmic value, you can use a tuplet and hide both the number and the bracket.

The open source vector art editor (equivalent to Illustrator) is Inkscape. A commercial, but cheap, alternative to Illustrator is Affinity Designer.

GIMP is the equivalent to Photoshop, and will bitmap your graphics. :astonished:

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I have to trie out
Another question. Is it possible to make an unvisible barline ?


Argh, you’re right. I keep conflating the two.

Sort of. Use a dashed barline, and set the dash length to 0 in Engraving Options.

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Uh. I actually never thought of that, Dan. But the question is, can we ask if you really do need an invisible barline, or are you carrying over habits from previews softwares? Dorico can handle ametrical material.

It wasn’t my idea; I think it may have been Ben (say that five times fast…). And yes, you’re probably right that there’s usually a better way.

I can think of one case where you need to hide a barline to reproduce the original notation.

Goldberg variation 26 has a time signature change in the middle of a bar!

AFAIK that is the only thing where you still need a “sneaky” fake in the Goldbergs, which are a bit of a test case for oddities of keyboard notation. (I don’t count hiding tuplets etc as fakes).

Of course the world wouldn’t come to an end if you moved the 18/16 to the start of the next bar, but that’s not what Bach actually wrote.

Actually, if you’re really adventurous you could draw a frame over the section and enable frame borders. It’s not very flexible but if you know you won’t edit the score anytime soon that could be an option.

Dan, thanks for this. I hope we can hide barlines in the future. Your trick allowed me to do this:

Ooo… Very nice!

Antonio Lotti’s Regina Caeli, I believe!

Yeah that looks awesome Romanos!

Yep! It’s such a short but delightful piece. (And frankly my altos need something with an easy part :unamused: ) There are some nice versions floating around but I found a few consistency errors between editions and besides… I wanted my own version in my catalogue.

I’ve been using the beautiful PDFs (and multiple layout options) that Dorico generates in conjunction with Camtasia to make rehearsal videos for my choir. Just started this project a week ago but my choir members (especially those who are less sure of themselves) are responding very positively. It’s a little chunk of time, but I believe the payoff is worth it since they sing better and I only have to do this once and now I’ll have a good resource in perpetuity and my own edition of the score that I’m familiar and comfortable with.

Here’s a link to the bass part of the practice video to see what I mean.