Modified on disk message

My dorico files are on google drive and I edit them directly using filestream. Ever since the latest update, I get this notification “The file for project _____ has been modified on disk. Do you want to reload the project?” literally every time i change something on the score, and it gets in the way of my work that I have to select cancel every 3 seconds. Is there a way to disable this notification? Like is there a “don’t show me this again” option?

I’m sorry you’re being inconvenienced by this.

I don’t know what “edit them directly using filestream” means – can you tell me a bit more about your workflow?

Hi Daniel,

Basically my dorico files are on google drive. Filestream allows google drive to be used like a cloud, hence I can open files from google drive and use them, and then when i’m done, they’re automatically updated, without the need for me to download and reupload them., allowing me to use the work on the same dorico files from both work and home devices. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years and never had a problem until recently!

I guess this is going to be the issue, then: Filestream is doing something as it handles the file access that makes Dorico think the file has been moved or modified. At the moment, there’s no way to suppress these warnings, but we’ll look into adding a setting that would allow you to turn them off altogether.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll just make do for now. I’d just want to highlight that I’ve been using Dorico with Filestream for 2 years now and there hadn’t been problems until I updated Dorico recently to the latest version! Hope that setting can be added!

That’s because we have only recently added support for this kind of file monitoring as part of the support Dorico now has for handling files in e.g. iCloud, so the warning only appears as of Dorico 4.2.

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I get a message similar to this, without Google Drive being involved. I Save a Dorico project, it seems to have worked as a few seconds pass, and then I get a message window with the triangular warning symbol saying “Error saving file.” When I click OK, it goes away and I get a new message window with the heading “Project File Modified” and the message “The file for project {project name} has been modified on disk. Do you want to save your project as a new file?”

If I do save it as a new file, again it first seems to work, but the file name never changes and again I get those error messages. If I look in the finder, I see that it was indeed saved in its current state, and I can open that file (and rename it to my original name, eventually).

So it is possible, in a roundabout way, to save this project. But this is the third time I’ve encountered this phenomenon in the last few months, and it would be useful to know what, if anything, might be triggering it. In between these periods of warning, it saves perfectly well, and I haven’t moved it around or anything like that. It’s just another file on my 2019 iMac’s hard drive (OS 10.15.7).

I wonder whether the error message might be concerning either the auto-save file or the backup file that Dorico also creates when you save. Next time you encounter this, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report immediately afterwards and upload the resulting zip file here.

Thanks, will do. Going by past experience, it may be another week or three before it happens again.

Hi there. I’m also having this issue. I get the notice every 10 minutes or so. I am not using a cloud service like google drive to update my files so I’m not sure why it’s happening. It’s been happening ever since I switched to Dorico Pro 4.

Welcome to the forum, @rivernorth. Dorico wouldn’t be showing this message if there were no changes going on, so something is modifying the file. However, if you find it more of a hindrance than a help, you can disable the messages by switching off Warn when open project is updated outside Dorico, moved, or deleted in the Files section of the General page of Preferences.

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I’m having an issue that may be related. I keep all my files in iCloud. Starting recently there have been several hiccups where my latest edits (within the past minute or so) suddenly disappear without a trace. (So far nothing major has been lost.) Then just now I got the “modified on disk” message with no discernible cause.

It sounds like a syncing problem on iCloud itself.

When a project file is open in Dorico, Dorico doesn’t lock it. That means that you could, if you wanted to, delete that file in the Finder, and Dorico would be perfectly fine about it. This is generally a good thing, but it does mean that if you get a hiccup with iCloud syncing, or if you really do edit the project somewhere else on another device, you can end up with the file you’re working on being overwritten by an earlier or different version. This is, after all, why we have implemented this warning, so that you get told about it and can do something about it.

I’m having the same problem. My file is kept on Google Drive, and whenever I save my file in Dorico, I get the message “Project File Modified - The file for project xxx has been modified on disk. Do you want to reload the project?” even though I have unchecked “Warn when open project is updated outside Dorico, moved, or deleted.” It’s super annoying.

I get the impression from earlier messages that this is (sometimes) a byproduct of saving on Google Drive.