Modifier+Click no longer working (Mac, Dorico 3)

Shift+Click, Opt+Click, and Cmd+Click no longer seem to work at all. Shift+Drag and Cmd+Drag work fine. Those combinations work properly in Dorico 2 on the same system. I’ve restarted and closed everything that might affect keyboard modifiers. Thoughts?

MacOS 10.14.6
Dorico 3.0.0



I’ve not heard of any problems like this, Matthew, and I’m somewhat at a loss as to explain how this could be going wrong. Are you saying that you cannot use these modifiers in the score view at all, e.g. you cannot extend a selection with Shift+click and you cannot copy with Alt+click?

If you do have programs that intercept keyboard modifiers they can operate even if you close the main program via daemons. Double check in the accessibility options if you have some unrevoked permissions there!

Just to rule out the obvious: you’re not trying to select condensed music, are you?

Looks like I found the culprit: BetterTouchTool was intercepting modifiers for some reason. Only in D3 and in no other software. Very strange. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.