Modifier to temporarily disable ripple

Matthew mentioned this earlier.

Opt-cmd-left drag only seems to work if you shorten the clip. It would be nice if you could move the audio in any circumstance. Silence would be inserted at the beginning or end if needed.

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No, this option never changes the clip length. It only has an effect, if the clip is shorter than the underlying clip.

I don’t see the point of this. If you need silence at the start, move the clip to the right.

I would like to recall that Opt-cmd-left drag works also to resize the clip (click on the edge). In this mode, the audio is anchored to the moved edge.

I’ll jump in and say that I, too, battle this constantly. Getting a mix that is barely out of sync with the file that it is replacing happens all the time, and I think having modifiers to momentarily suspend marker bindings would be really handy. A momentary override for ripple mode would be great, too. I have a toggle shortcut, but end up having to hit it a few times to see which way it’s currently toggled, like Justin mentioned above.

Anyway - just chiming in that there are more people that would find this very useful, if possible.