Modify Condensing Rest Position?

I saw a bunch of old threads about condensing rest issues, but is there still no way to modify the rest position here?

I have the “Consider only notes and rests at the same position” selected in Notation Options, but I guess Dorico is considering the entire bar for a whole rest. This looks pretty poor as the rest is closer to the next staff and it’s confusing as to which staff it actually belongs too. Is there anything that can be done here?


With some effort, it is possible to make the condensed score in your example look like this:

However, the measures with bar rests for Flute 2 and Oboe 2 will show individual bar rests rather than multi-bar rests in the parts:


Start by creating a new paragraph style with the font set to Bravura Text and the size set to 25.0pt staff-relative. Switch to galley view and in each measure in your example containing a bar rest, attach an instance of staff text using the paragraph style you just created and containing the character restWhole (U+E4E3). Now switch to engrave mode, disable collision avoidance for the fake rests and position them so they align horizontally with the real bar rests and vertically wherever you want in both the condensed score and the parts. In each measure containing a fake rest, add a whole note inside the staff, suppress its playback and hide its notehead.

To get the flutes and oboes to be condensed in the score once the whole notes are added, you need to allow unlimited pitch crossing. You also need a condensing change at the start of the third measure in your example to start new phrases for the flutes and oboes.


Thanks @johnkprice, you always have the coolest workarounds! If the 2nd players were resting long enough to require a cue, I wouldn’t have an issue with the multibar rests breaking, but a cue will look odd and unnecessary here. I’m on a huge deadline (19 movements, 45 minutes, ballet orchestra + stage musicians, parts due in a week), so I think this is just gonna have to be as is, as I don’t have time to fiddle with all the condensing rests throughout the score.

Better control of condensing rests seems like a pretty important feature request though, in order to avoid situations like this.