Modify tempo of 6/8 click track to be dotted-quarter

How can I modify the click track to represent, say, dotted quarter = 138bpm?

I’ve got my click pattern set for the dotted quarter notes, but the time represented by the click is still only in quarter notes.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe it’s still not possible?

It’s not possible. We have to do the math ourselves. For all purposes Cubase needs the M.M. number to be in quarters. In your case, Dotted Quarter = 138 needs to be Quarter = 207 (138x1,5).

I have made a feature request here, vote if you care to, and if you have votes to spare.

Wow. Well, thank you.

I can’t imagine how compound meters isn’t something Cubase does…really…

Well, it does do them. But the M.M. number is wrong. Aahhh, maybe some day…