Modify Wavelab Elements Remote XML File For Use With A Non-Steinberg Remote?

I use Wavelab Elements 9.5 for mastering my stuff. It does all I need, but only offers remote controller support for Steinberg’s CC121.

I’ve done quite a bit of hardware/DAW integration over the years and, from what I can see, Wavelab uses an XML file for the CC121 to Wavelab mapping.

It occurs to me that it might be possible to modify that XML file so that it would “speak” to one of my other controllers: an XTouch Mini, for instance. It would be nice to have a dedicated hardware transport control, along with a few of my often-used commands. Yes, I realize that virtually all things can be done with key commands, and I have them in place, but… this is Gearslutz, after all.

Does anyone have any bright ideas about what would have to be done to convert (essentially) their limited Wavelab mapping to something more like the Generic Remote structure I use in Cubase? On the surface, it would seem to be an easy process.

Capturing what the hardware is sending is a piece of cake, so that part of the puzzle is taken care of. It would seem that replacing the CC121’s controller info in the XML file with that of a different controller would solve that, so the next issue would be establishing a means of identifying the new controller. Device ID, or something of that nature? I guess it’s a question of what Wavelab is willing to “see”. I know all of this exists in Wavelab Pro. Perhaps the options are there, but dormant in Elements.

I can see in the file that there are references to the CC121 knobs/buttons and what command info they send. Obviously, that is mapped to available functions inside of Wavelab. That would indicate there are already parallels to the Cubase Generic Remote method.

I can see no reason that this communication has to be limited to the CC121, other than Steinberg intentionally omitting other controllers in order to differentiate between Elements and the much pricier Wavelab Pro.

This could have implications for other programs, as well. I hope to hear from others interested in this. Thanks.

I’m aware that full functionality is available in Wavelab Pro. The point of the thread is to explore the possibility of modifying the limited remote support in Wavelab Elements.