Modifying instrument change labels

Orchestrating a musical with Reed 1 and Reed 2 players. Instrument change is working flawlessly. However …

In the upcoming update will it be possible to tweak the instrument change labels in Engrave mode? I’m thinking specifically of horizontal re-positioning and boxed text. Also, can that font be edited somewhere in the Edit Font Styles dialog?

You won’t be able to make them boxed, I’m afraid, but you will be able to change the content of the labels on a per-instrument change basis, and indeed move them around. You can already change the font, size, etc. using the Engrave > Paragraph Styles dialog – edit ‘Instrument Change Labels’.

Thanks, Daniel. Good news on the adjustments.

Also, I noticed that if only one tacet bar separates the instruments – poor doubler! – the “To” label shows up, but not the instrument label. Bug, or feature?

It’s a feature: only one label appears if they’re too close together for both to make sense.