Modifying params dont affect sounds unless notes retriggered

I am new to Steinberg products. I use Padshop Pro in Ableton Live.

Is it normal that when I change a parameter in padshop (e.g. filter cutoff) while manually playing a note, the sound does not change unless i retrigger a note? Usually, I have to be near the end of the release or after release of a note in order to be able to retrigger the “new” sound. If I do it too quickly, the change is not yet heard or sometimes only “implemented” half-way.

It happens with many (if not most) of the controls, didn’t try automation yet. I am used to be able to hear the effects of parameter changes instantly (i.e. with any other softsynth).

thanks for your insights.

Indeed, something I also have noticed. While not being a huge downer, it still would be nice to not have to re-trigger a note to hear the effect of a turned on parameter.