Modifying Quick Control Automation Values

In Cubase Pro 12 I inserted a group of quick controls that are not CC connected. When I recorded the automation for the quick control, the automation showed up not under the MIDI track but the VST Instrument. This is harder to control, but doable. I was able to rename the quick control for recognition, but after saving the project and reopening it the quick controls returned to their original name :smiling_face_with_tear:. All in all, I was able to record the automation that I wanted. See picture attachment.
Now that all of my automation is written, I wanted to create a project logical editor script to bulk modify the automation values. Any value 63 or less to become 0 and any value 64 or greater to become 127. I can select the automation event thanks to the included Cubase examples, but I did not / cannot find a conditional based on the automation value and a way to change the value to a specific number.
Is there a way to do this or does this need to become a feature-like request?
If this can be done, how?
Any other hints or help to the items mentioned in my background section would also be appreciated.

Daniel Beggs


This is a known issue.

Unfortunately, it’s not. You cannot get the value of the automation node. You could do this with the MIDI CCs.

Since the original quick controls are not CC based how would I assign them to a CC?
A page in the Cubase docs or a reference to another form message would be good if it is a long explanation.


Could you describe your use case, please? What do you want to achieve?