Mods: Are there any plans for Import Session Data?

See here:

There are a few replies from the mods about this in that thread.

Pro-tools up until now only supported the RTAS format, thus was simple to implement.

Cubase/Nuendo on the other hand support many versions of the VST specification, and most likely anything under 3.5 will not be supported in any “session data” scenario.

Maybe so but would seem to be a critical aspect of the scenario.

I personally think we need to wait for the first supported update in order to know any more about the situation.

I have been asking for some time ago.

I guess one of the problems is:

The concept of the VSTI rack. In Logic for example there are in fact only instrument tracks. And within that track the instrument can have multiple outputs into the mixing console.

In cubendo a track is not tied to an instrument, it only “can” refer to a vsti in the rack which on it’s turn can output to multiple channels that are also present in the arrange page. Again this is not the case in Logic, it outputs “only” through mixer channels.

You have instrument tracks in cubendo, but these are not "multi- output.

I can also see what a mess it is in this respect with multitembral VSTi’s…

So importing a track WITH its connected VSTI in the rack WITH all output channels created (with settings/ eq…)…hm

I think this is only “one” of difficulties Steinberg encounters.

Just trying to guess why it’s not implemented…At this point it’s even a mess trying to re-create a setup of a VSTI…


Not messy, but rather a highly organized and structured workstation paradigm that takes time to master.

Sure, we all want multi-timbral/multi-output VSTi’s that are fully routable via the Inspector but as this was not a part of the original programming it will take time to implement.