modulating sample start?

ive tried modulating sample start with a a midi controller but its doesnt seem to affect the sample start :cry:
the speed factor of the sample available doesnt do anything either.

what im trying to achieve is a sample playing rhytmically, at say 16ths, and being able to scan thru the file. much like the granular oscillator but with better rhytmic control

sounds like there is some slight modulation but not what im after. i can use the grain osc and then the phraser to get rhytmic control with mathcing tuning of the grain duration

Make sure you have set the “Sample start range” to the range you want to start from.

Make sure to enable “Audiowarp”

I don’t know how long the file is, but I would personally slice it up in 16th’s and drop the midi in the DAW for easy handling. But that fully depends on the desired result and source material.

thank you niles!