Modulating VST3 Problem DualFilter (possible bug)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Record or import audio.

  2. Apply “DualFilter” effect as insert.

  3. Add some resonance to “DualFilter” to emhasize the problem.

  4. At the exact beginning of the audio clip, start a filter sweep.

  5. Play back the section.

  6. The audio resulting from the filter position does not correspond every time to the programmed automation or the visuals on “DualFilter”

  7. To make easier to find, record say a 1 bar audio clip but loop a 3 bar section while listening, 1 bar before and one bar after. It happens quite randomly, and in audio mixdown as well.

There might me problems with other plugins, I have not tried.

If you require any more info just ask.

Anyone else got this?

No problems here, works as expected in a 24bit 48khz project.

44.1 16bit here.